Alexander Lee
Project Director, Grantmakers United for Trans Communities

Working Group Members

Namita Chad
Senior Program Officer, Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice
Ryan Li Dahlstrom
Program Officer, Fund for Trans Generations, Borealis Philanthropy
Masen Davis
Co-Chair, International Trans Fund
Alexandra DelValle
Director of Programs, Groundswell Fund
G​​​​​​abriel Foster
Executive Director, Trans Justice Funding Project
Rebecca Fox
Program Officer, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund
Kiyomi Fujikawa
Senior Program Associate, Fund for Trans Generations, Borealis Philanthropy
M. Dru Levasseur
Co-Founder and Vice-President, Jim Collins Foundation
Rickke Mananzala
Director of Programs, Borealis Philanthropy
Andrea Marra
Communications Manager, Arcus Foundation
Gunner Scott
Director of Programs, Pride Foundation
Rye Young
Executive Director, Third Wave Fund

Membership Includes:
Kerry Ashforth (Global Equality Fund)
Perry Cohen (Tov Adama Foundation)


Our Values

GUTC is committed to being accountable to these values as it advances its core goals:

  • Accessibility
    We strive to remain accessible to trans people not yet connected to philanthropy or Funders for LGBTQ Issues who want to participate in investing in trans communities. We recognize the unequal power dynamics inherent in philanthropy, and the need to create accessible spaces that allow a diverse range of trans people to participate in philanthropy and organizational leadership.
  • Accountability
    We strive to stay accountable and be responsive to the needs of a diverse trans community in order to improve the lived experiences of trans/GNC people.
  • Creativity
    We strive to create a generative space where we discuss ideas and solutions rather than focusing only on the problems. We seek to learn from past pitfalls in philanthropy and not recreate them.