LGBTQ Assets In the South

During the planning phase of the Out in the South Initiative, Funders for LGBTQ Issues conducted a regional scan of LGBTQ community assets across the region’s 14 states. This scan identified 783 LGBTQ community assets in the U.S. South, ranging from informal groups of LGBTQ parents to fully staffed health clinics.

  • More than two-thirds of these assets are grassroots groups, largely driven by volunteers and addressing a range of community concerns through a mixture of mutual support, community education, and organizing.
  • An additional 127 assets are service providers, including LGBTQ community centers, HIV/AIDS service organizations and health clinics, and programs specifically serving LGBTQ youth or seniors.
  • The region also has more than 100 LGBTQ advocacy groups, most of which advocate for policy change at the state level, while a smaller number are local, regional, or national in scope.
  • Finally, the South is home to more than 30 LGBTQ community funds–including several that started within the past two years, pointing to rising momentum for locally-rooted LGBTQ philanthropy.

In 2017, Funders for LGBTQ Issues will release an online database of these LGBTQ community assets, enabling funders and community members to easily find LGBTQ groups in their states and areas of interest. In the meantime, our report, Out in the South Part Two: LGBTQ Community Assets in the U.S. South, provides a detailed overview of the findings of the scan.