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FUNDING FORWARD 2016 Save the date for our annual gathering of grantmakers committed to LGBTQ issues - March 30-April 1, 2016 in Minneapolis. Click here for more information. Register here.
The 2013 Tracking Report Our annual tracking report on the scale and character of U.S. foundation giving to LGBTQ communities. Click here to download the report. Click here to see the infographic.
Foundation Maps: LGBTQ A resource developed in partnership with Foundation Center, Foundation Maps: LGBTQ, brings philanthropic data to life, making it easy to understand who is funding what and where on issues important to LGBTQ communities. Learn more.
February 4, 2016
Flipping the Script on Sex Ed: How one funder collaborative is institutionalizing sex education in Texas, West Virginia and beyond
Funders Network on Population, Reproductive Health and Rights and Funders for LGBTQ Issues are pleased to co-sponsor this donor-only telebriefing that will discuss how one funder collaborative is institutionalizing sex education in Texas, West Virginia and beyond. This webinar will review the funding partnership, dive into the impact of WISE on sex ed programs in Texas and West Virginia and consider the future of the partnership as well as the outlook for the work being done across the country.

February 25, 2016
The Role of Philanthropy in Supporting the LGBTQ Community in North Carolina
At first glance, the possibility of funding “LGBTQ issues” may seem far afield from the current priorities of many funders in North Carolina. However, the critical issues facing communities in our state – such as access to health care, education, poverty, HIV/AIDS and youth development – impact LGBTQ North Carolinians and their families in unique ways. And even though LGBTQ Americans have made significant strides toward legal equality in recent years, these victories have not yet translated to improved quality of life for all LGBTQ people, particularly those living in communities here in North Carolina.

Join us for an informative and interactive session to learn about the efforts of the Out in the South Initiative, which aims to increase philanthropic support for LGBTQ communities throughout the South.
The Philanthropy and Fundraising Track at Creating Change
Creating Change 2016 is around the corner! Hundreds of LGBTQ activists are due to arrive in Chicago next week for this annual national conference for LGBTQ leaders. Many funders will join them, including several staff, board members, and members of Funders for LGBTQ Issues. To help you get the most out of your time at the conference, we’ve compiled a list of the sessions that focus specifically on philanthropy, fundraising and financial management this year, as well as those that feature Funders for LGBTQ Issues’ members, board, staff and partners.

Two of the Largest LGBTQ Gifts of the Year Go To …
This past year, two of the largest gifts were made to LGBTQ public foundations – a bequest of $2 million to the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice and a $3 million dollar grant to the San Diego Human Dignity Foundation. We asked both foundations, how did these gifts come about and what will each foundation do with these funds?

Who is the top LGBTQ funder in your state?
In 2013, foundations invested more than $55 million in local and statewide groups working to improve the lives of LGBTQ people. Do you know who the top LGBTQ funder was in your hometown state or in the state you currently call home?

The Top Ten Community Foundations Funding LGBTQ Issues
Community foundations play a vital role in supporting LGBTQ organizations by increasing local investment in and awareness of LGBTQ issues. For quite some time now, community foundations have steadily accounted for 5 percent of all LGBTQ funding, however, there are strong indications that community foundations may be steadily increasing their investments in LGBTQ communities.

The Top Ten Funders of LGBTQ & Religious Issues
In honor of the Pope’s visit to the United States, we decided to explore LGBTQ funding for religious issues.

LGBTQ funding for religion runs the gamut from funding to foster welcoming and affirming faith –based communities, to funding to support the work of multi-faith LGBTQ and ally coalitions and leaders, to funding that supports advocacy efforts to push back harmful religious exemptions legislation.

Dispatch from Durham
Greetings from Durham, North Carolina!

A Summer of Growth: Meet our New Staff!
What a summer of growth! We’re delighted to have recently welcomed two new staff to Funders for LGBTQ Issues: Chantelle Fisher-Borne, our new Project Director for the Out in the South Initiative, and Rebecca Wisotsky, our first Executive Associate & Philanthropic Outreach Coordinator. Read on to learn about these amazing new staff members!

Today is a Good Day!
Today is a good day! It is a day that has been a long time coming. It is a day many have fought tirelessly for; a day that some never dreamed would come in our lifetime; a day that innovative funders encouraged from the outset. Today, the Supreme Court has paved the way for full marriage equality in every corner of the United States.

We're Growing! Meet our New Board Members
Funders for LGBTQ Issues welcomed four new leaders within LGBTQ philanthropy to our Board of Directors: Alfredo Cruz (Foundation for Louisiana); Gabriel Foster (Trans Justice Funding Project); Surina Khan (Women’s Foundation of California), and Rye Young (Third Wave Fund). We sat down with them informally to find out more about who they are, what inspires their philanthropy, and why they’re excited to join the Board.

"Gathering Strength" After Charleston
This past week has been hard. Like so many people across the country, I am overwhelmed with sadness and horror at the murder of nine Black people in Charleston, South Carolina. Funders for LGBTQ Issues stands in solidarity with the congregants of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and the communities of Charleston. We mourn for those taken before their time and we extend our deepest sympathies for those left behind.

Funders for LGBTQ Issues' new strategic plan sets goal of increasing foundation funding for LGBTQ issues to $200 million by 2017
The Road Map to $200 Million: The Strategic Plan for Increasing Foundation Funding for LGBTQ Issues, reaffirms Funders for LGBTQ Issues commitment to strategically increasing the scale and impact of philanthropic resources for LGBTQ communities and sets the ambitious goal of increasing foundation funding for LGBTQ issues by more than $70 million (a nearly 55 percent increase) from $129.1 million in 2013 to $200 million in 2017.

Where we Live and Where we Fund: The Highest Funded (LGBTQ) Cities in America
It’s almost Pride Month in the U.S., and dozens of cities will soon host LGBTQ pride marches, parties, and demonstrations that attract millions of people each year. As our urban areas prepare, we thought it would be interesting to look at the top funded cities for LGBTQ issues and contrast it with available data on LGBT populations in metro areas. Take a look at the top funded cities list!

Joint Affinity Groups Statement on the Baltimore Uprising
JAG calls on the philanthropic sector to do more and to stay focused on the structural and persistent issues that lead to the conditions for such uprisings.

Who's on Twitter?: 20 LGBTQ Philanthropoids To Follow
Who are you following on Twitter? Get in the know and take a look at our 3rd annual list of #LGBTQ philanthropoids to follow on Twitter in 2015!

Indiana & Anti-LGBT Discrimination: What Does it Mean for Foundations?
This past week, the eyes of the nation have turned to Indiana, where Governor Mike Pence recently signed a bill purportedly intended to protect religious freedom. In reality, the bill LGBT people. Read on to learn how the language of “religious freedom” provides a smokescreen to allow people and businesses to discriminate against LGBT people and what this means for foundations.

The 17 Best Reads Before Funding Forward 2015
We have an incredible slate of speakers lined up for this year’s Funding Forward in Atlanta, GA. To help you get ready for the conversations at our annual conference of grantmakers committed to LGBTQ issues, we thought we would compile some pre-readings. Enjoy!

Funding for Same-Sex Marriage: the Past, Present, and Future
This year, for the first time at Funding Forward we’re excited to hold a plenary on marriage equality, featuring leaders from several trailblazing foundations that have taken bold steps to support the movement for same-sex marriage over the last decade. Read more about this important issue and register to join us for Funding Forward.

The Top 10 Funders of LGBTQ Criminalization and Criminal Justice Reform Work
Black History Month provides the perfect opportunity to honor Black leaders and celebrate Black communities. In recent months, the #BlackLivesMatter movement has shone an important spotlight on discriminatory policing and its impact on black communities and low-income communities of color. LGBTQ people and people living with HIV/AIDS, particularly trans women of color, are disproportionately impacted by the criminal justice system. With increased media attention, the question of how communities can address abusive policing is of increasing interest to both the general public and funders. For the first time in 2014, Funders for LGBTQ Issues began tracking funding that addresses the over-criminalization of LGBTQ people.

The Philanthropy Track at Creating Change
In early February, many staff, board members, and members of Funders for LGBTQ Issues are packing their bags and headed to Denver for the annual Creating Change Conference, the national gathering of LGBT leaders and activists! A number of sessions focus specifically on philanthropy or fundraising

Which 94 Foundations Made Honor Roll?
One of our New Year's resolutions at Funders for LGBTQ Issues is to work even harder this year to increase philanthropic resources for LGBTQ issues worldwide. To that end, we'd like to highlight the 94 foundations that increased their LGBTQ grantmaking by 25 percent or more in 2013 with a new honor roll.

FCAA's First-Ever List of the Top Ten Funders of LGBTQ-Inclusive HIV/AIDS Work
While the media and public perception of AIDS as a crisis seems to have lessened, the epidemic still rages among men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender women. In the United States gay and bisexual men represent an estimated 2% of the population, yet more than half of all people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). They are also the only population group for which HIV infections are on the rise.

The Top 10 Funders of Trans Issues
Tomorrow is Trans Day of Remembrance, the annual observance of those whose lives were tragically lost to anti-transgender violence. This somber day reminds us of the critical need to provide support to trans communities. Since 2002, funding for transgender communities has increased more than seven-fold, twice the rate of growth for LGBTQ funding in general. However, there continue to be immense disparities within trans and gender non-conforming communities that could benefit greatly from increased funding. Between 2011 and 2012, foundations invested more than $10.3 million in transgender issues, representing 4 percent of LGBTQ funding overall.

The Top Ten Corporate Funders of LGBTQ Issues
Corporate funders have increased their investment in LGBTQ issues by more than fifteen fold in the last decade. Going from approximately $575,000 in 2003 to $8.7 million in 2012, corporate foundation support for LGBTQ issues has grown exponentially. Even though corporate funding constitutes a small portion of LGBTQ funding overall, at roughly 7 percent in 2012, it is growing at the fastest clip.

Out in the South, Part Two identifies more than 750 LGBTQ community assets in the U.S. South
[NEW YORK, NY] Funders for LGBTQ Issues has released a new report entitled Out in the South, Part Two: LGBTQ Community Assets in the U.S. South. The report finds that not only is the U.S. South home to more LGBT adults than any other region, it is also home to an impressive array of more than 750 LGBTQ community assets.

Back to School: The Top Ten Funders of LGBTQ Education and Safe Schools Work
September signals the end of summer and the beginning of fall. It also means “back to school” for many people. Between 2011 and 2012, foundations invested nearly $14.8 million in LGBTQ education and safe schools work – which amounted to approximately 8 percent of LGBTQ funding in the United States.

Exciting New Changes for Funders for LGBTQ Issues
It has been a busy summer at Funders for LGBTQ Issues. Naa Hammond has joined the staff as our new Research & Communications Associate, Rohit Burman of the M.A.C. AIDS Fund and Beatriz “Bia” Vieira of the Philadelphia Foundation have joined our Board of Directors, and, on top of all that, we moved offices!

FLGBTQI + ADAM Queer Youth Initiative Recipients Announced
Funders for LGBTQ Issues is thrilled to announce the recipients of the third cycle of FLGBTQI + ADAM Queer Youth Initiative matching grants. The FLGBTQI + ADAM Queer Youth Initiative supports foundations that address the needs of LGBTQ youth and involve youth in grantmaking decisions.

Join Funders for LGBTQ Issues at the JAG Unity Summit and the Council on Foundations Philanthropy Exchange Conference!
Curious about the LGBTQ content at the Unity Summit and Council on Foundations' Philanthropy Exchange?

The Top Ten Asian American and Pacific Islander LGBTQ Funders
In honor of May being Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we're counting down the top ten AAPI LGBTQ funders and taking a closer look at the nearly $2.7 million awarded to AAPI LGBTQ communities between 2011 and 2012.

20 LGBTQ Philanthropoids You Should Follow on Twitter
It's that time of year again ... time for Funders for LGBTQ Issues' second annual list of 20 LGBTQ philanthropoids to follow on twitter!

My Gay Brother's Keeper
It's so important that these philanthropic and public sector leaders are explicitly tackling the unique barriers faced by our young men and boys of color. As they do so, it's also important to consider the specific challenges faced by gay, bisexual, and transgender males of color.

The 7 Best Reads Before Funding Forward 2014
We have an amazing slate of speakers lined up for this year's Funding Forward. To help get you ready for our annual conference of grantmakers committed to LGBTQ issues, we thought we're compile some of the best pre-reading available.

The Top 10 Funders of African American LGBTQ Communitites
In honor of Black History Month, we thought we’d take a closer look at the $5.9 million awarded specifically for African American LGBTQ communities between 2011-2012.

FLGBTQI + ADAM Queer Youth Initiative Request for Matching Grant Proposals Available
The ADAM Queer Youth Initiative and Funders for LGBTQ Issues are partnering on a matching grants program to support foundations that serve or address the needs of LGBTQ youth and involve youth in grantmaking decisions.

The Philanthropy Track at Creating Change!
Like many LGBTQ leaders, the staff, board members, and members of Funders for LGBTQ Issues are packing their bags and headed to Houston this week for the annual Creating Change conference! A number of sessions at this year's conference focus specifically on philanthropy or fundraising, and even more sessions will provide valuable opportunities for movement leaders and funders to connect, learn from each other, and share strategies for building a stronger LGBT movement. Below is a short guide to the sessions and events related to philanthropy, as well as those that feature Funders for LGBTQ Issues members and partners. Be sure not to miss our new Funder Meet & Greet on Friday evening at 8:30pm!

2012 Tracking Report finds domestic funding for LGBTQ issues exceeds $100 million for the first time
Funders for LGBTQ Issues has released the 2012 Tracking Report: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Grantmaking by U.S. Foundations. This year's report finds that domestic foundation funding for LGBTQ issues exceeded $100 million for the first time while overall LGBTQ funding was largely stable in 2012.

Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday and get on board with #GivingTuesday
Thanksgiving is right around the corner. In recent years, retailers have sought to spur holiday shopping immediately following turkey day with huge retail sales on Friday (Black Friday), small business efforts on Saturday (Small Business Saturday), and big online discounts on Monday (Cyber Monday). But maybe it's time to encourage people to not only shop, but also to give.

Spirit Day: The Top Ten Funders of Education and Safe Schools for LGBTQ communities
In honor of Spirit Day, which we observe to spotlight and support LGBTQ youth who are still bullied on a daily basis, we’re counting down the top ten grantmakers who fund education and safe schools for LGBTQ communities.

Funders for LGBTQ Issues Hires New Director of Engagement
I am pleased to announce that Kristina Wertz has joined the staff as our new Director of Engagement.